Mr. Arty Chinstrap in the World of MAZES: Learning Letters

This activity book for kids ages 4-8 contains activities such as: letter tracing, mazes, coloring and learning new words. At the end of the book the alphabet is experienced in different fonts, so that the child can recognize the letters more easily no matter how they are written. The activity book is made so that the child does not get bored, having different activities to do with Mr. Arty Chinstrap and his friends.

Who is Mr. Arty Chinstrap: He is an unique Penguin from Antarctic who want to learn about everything. He is very curious and likes to have fun. He enjoys working and having fun in a team with smart and keen kids. In this book Mr. Arty Chinstrap will learn the letters with you, but it will not be an easy path. You will have to go through a lot of mazes to find objects, save princess, trace letters and color a lot of things, and of course have fun :)

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