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Did you forget that you have a unique child? |Quick advice|


“Look at how well Emily wrote today, I see Samy is very good at football…”

Thus begins, in the opinion of many parents, the motivation of the child. Taking as an example the performances of other children in his entourage, friends, colleagues.

Question: How would we, adults, feel if the boss repeated every day: “Look at your colleague Joana, how she performs, do as she do”?

The child feels the same way, when you always praise others in front of him, thinking that you give beautiful examples to follow.

Did you forget that you have an unique child?

There is no other child in the world with the same characteristics, although about one child is born every second.

How can we raise a child with self-confidence?

  1. Analyze and find out what your child is good at and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t coincide with your vision of his future. He must learn to perform in something, later he will be able to copy the pattern in other aspects and areas.

  2. Help him develop these skills or talents. First of all through positive and detailed encouragement regarding the skills we appreciate:

    We don't tell the child: "you danced very well today", but: "I like that you did very good pirouettes today".

    Instead of: "you wrote beautifully" say, for example: "I like that you used paragraphs and you wrote very clean today".

    This way the child can become aware of the Strengths and understand what to work on.

  3. Strengthen the results with love and quality time spent with your child.

P.S. It is good to work in a team with your spouse, grandparents, and relatives as much as possible, for lasting results.

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