September 30, 2020 by Tany Minds

Children can’t get over the parent’s limitations?!


The environment offered to the child is fundamental

When parents have certain fears, limiting beliefs, children can’t be otherwise. They get the environment offered by adults, where they extract their information and behavior patterns. You can’t, for example, tell your child to be more empathetic, proactive, or sociable if you’re not. I mean you could, but the effect will be short or not at all. He needs a consistent behavioral example, in the desired direction, for long term results. Of course, it can be another family member or educator, teacher, coach…, who has a beneficial influence on the child, but also, in this case, the parent is who offered him the environment.

It is never too late in the education process

It is very important to understand that in the education process it is never late. All it takes is the right attitude, desire for change, and development. The idea that you can’t make things right anymore doesn’t have to exist. If you have a small child, just start being the best version of yourself. To an older child, you have to explain the changes you make and why. Explain to him that you realized you’ve worked wrong in certain areas of life and want to improve them. That you want him, the child, to do it better than you do. You may need to apologize for certain behaviors and explain to him that you didn’t realize or otherwise you didn’t know how, but now you understand. You don’t have to be afraid to speak honestly to the child, he will feel the sincerity and the impact of the lesson will be even greater.

Eliminate limiting beliefs

Once parents broaden their perspective and expand their limits, the children substitute that goal very quickly. They are like a vacuum just waiting to fill. Curiosity is natural and wants to continually conquer new territories.

The conclusion is, if you want children free, open-minded and happy, release yourself first, be open to change, don’t stop learning, and create your ability to be happy.

Photo credit: Tany Minds

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